SIZE: 1,500 – 3,000 sq. ft.


  • Downtown districts, lifestyle shopping centers, mixed-used developments
  • Existing café locations or significant landlord contribution


Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley


We roast our coffee in Oakland, California and ship it to cafes, offices and restaurants all over the country as well as directly to you from our website. Our green coffee is sourced through our incredibly talented and experienced import partners and then thoughtfully roasted to develop each of their intended flavor profiles. Our offerings include a range of delicate and vibrant single origins along with a spectrum of blends that are meant to make you happy no matter how you take your coffee. 

Early 2020, we will have a wonderful little retail location opening at the Castro Valley Marketplace where we look forward to meeting face-to-face and serving our coffee to the East Bay community. Until then, enjoy AKA Coffee at home or at your favorite cafe.