The Collaboration Space Evolution

Over a decade ago the coworking movement was brought back to life as a workplace solution for independent mobile workers, the creative entrepreneur, and small start-up companies to work collaboratively in a shared space with like-minded people. Coworking has since become a rapidly global trend with over 20,000 coworking spaces worldwide, and it shows no signs of slowing.

This rising movement in the coworking industry is no longer being portrayed as a new age workplace for startups, but more so as a space for diverse businesses to explore and grow.

Today, much of the gathering and sharing of ideas are digital. The endless amounts of software available online have made face to face meetings a thing of the past. Many of these coworking spaces have found that it is not just about the sharing of space, but more of a return on how people have interacted throughout time. Coworking space trends root back to the original gathering and sharing of ideas that may have been basket weavers and ceramic artists who collaborated on the best way to create.

The biggest payout of a collaborative coworking space is the sense of community and sharing of ideas. Connections with others are the foundation of why people pay to work in a communal space.

When you combine the coworking and collaboration idea into one space, it creates an opportunity for those who don’t want a permanent location year-round but crave the social collaboration process. Main Street Property Services has created Lab 200, a creative collaboration and event space for those who want to thrive in an environment where great ideas are formed. Working amidst professionals, creating different kinds of work can make one’s own identity stronger.

The variety of workers within the Castro Valley Marketplace and creators in one space means that each coworker has a unique skill set that they can provide to other community members. People need to be able to craft their work in ways that give them essence and ambition. Coworking and collaborations spaces are the places to look for guidance, foster new relationships, and collaborate on groundbreaking ideas.

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